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I have worn T-shirts that say things for a long time. Once in a while I've found a printed one that I thought was worth while, and bought it, but nearly all of the ones I've worn recently have had my own sayings on them.

Click here for the story about where it all came from...

Click here to find out why I think the IRS should be terminated, and to support the effort to accomplish that goal.

Lately, people have been asking me where they could get a copy of one of my T-shirts. As a result, I've decided to open an on-line store to sell them. This Web site is the result.

Click here to go to the on-line catalog to read the stories behind the various T-shirts, and to order copies for yourself.

I also have a printed catalog - without the pictures, or the stories that go with them. Just call or write, and I can send a copy to you via snail mail.

Click here to request having a copy of the catalog delivered to you via email (as a text file) or snail mail (printed).

Click here to find out about my T-Shirt Philosophy books.

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