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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) should properly be called the Federal Extortion Bureau (FEB): If you and I went up to a stranger on the street and said "Give us 30% of your income, or we're going to lock you away in a little room," we would go to jail for extortion. By going to the IRS and getting a job, we can do exactly the same thing, and the person is expected to pay any demand we make on them. What's the difference?

What does the Unites States government do with the money it gets through the collection efforts of its hired thugs? Whatever it wants to! and there really isn't much you or I could do about it. If you say "I don't want my taxes spent on [some program]," do you think that program's budget is reduced by what would have been your contribution? Well, it isn't: They just take the same amount, only from someone else's taxes: You have NO CONTROL over how "your tax dollars" are being spent in this country - even when you have fundamental philosophical differences with the economic and/or social programs that are being implemented with them.

There is more to the story that goes with this shirt. However, I haven't had the chance to get it added to the Web site yet. I am adding the "meat" to these pages in a semi-random order. If I get requests for more information about a specific page, such as this one, I will attend to it sooner than I otherwise might.

Among the things I will be adding:

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