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There are people who will tell you that you should "Hope for success, but plan for disaster." To me, that seems like a very negative way of dealing with the world. I think a much better attitude is to "Plan for Success - but be prepared for disaster." Only a fool would think that disaster is never possible, so you should make sure you have a contingency plan in case it happens. That doesn't mean it should be the focus of your attention, and the primary motivation for your planning. You are much better off with an optimistic attitude, planning for success in excess of reasonable expectations. Only then will you be able to handle the possibility you might succeed beyond your wildest dreams - which, without proper planning, could become the worst sort of disaster you could imagine.

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What is the best "Plan for Success" you could have? Never Quit, in spite of any obstacles that may turn up in your way. The only way to succeed, in fact, is to keep going, even when it seems there is no hope for success. Just when things seem their darkest, a light often comes to bring a different, fresh perspective on the biggest problem in your path. If you quit before that time, though, you'll never know how close you came - or how much success you could have found if you had just stuck it out.

Plan for success. If something is really important to you, you should never quit as long as it remains beyond your grasp. If you do quit, you will have to ask yourself if it was really that important after all.

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