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Napolean Bonaparte observed "There are but two powers in the world: the sword and the mind. In the long run, the sword is always beaten by the mind." How is this possible? Because a thinking mind can figure out how to get behind the sword, where the defenses are thin, at best.

Think fast, and you will find more options available to you in dealing with any situation that confronts you. Practice fast thinking, it's a skill that can be learned. Learn to visualize the perspective seen by your opponent, whether on a football field, at a boardroom table, or any other position you are in. Think fast, and work out different possibilities to get around - or over, or under - the obstacles that confront you.

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(Happy the Clown read the back of this shirt and asked me "What does it mean, Fred, 'Think Of Ten?' What does it mean?" No, Happy, nooo....! It's "Think Often", not "Think Of Ten." There really is some sense in the world...)

Thinking fast doesn't do you much good if thinking is something you only do once in a while. Yet somehow it seems that lots of people just forget to think before they do something. That's not a good way of trying to deal with your problems. It's much easier to find solutions by thinking about how to solve a problem than by leaving it to blind luck, or brute force.

Think fast. Keep your mind "on its toes." Think often. Make a habit of using the best tool you've got for solving the problems around you.

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