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No matter what you do - short of destroying all of the life on the planet - some where, some one or some thing is going to be happy. Even if you destroyed all of the life on this planet, would you believe that, in the entire vast universe, there would never be any happiness left? Just as it's impossible to completely rid the world of pain and suffering, so is it impossible to disinvent happiness. It may not be everywhere you look, but still, happiness is!

Fortunately, there are very few people who would want to disinvent happiness. Unfortunately, though, there are lots of people who think they can, or want to, disinvent nearly everything else in the world. Nuclear power, greed, distasteful TV commercials, municipal waste, Internet SPAM, they're all here to stay. I suspect we'd all be better off concentrating our focus on the better things, rather than worrying about where the next demon is going to come from.

back button Back: WHAT YOU REALLY WANT

Happiness is what you really want.

In one form or another, I really believe that statement is true for nearly everyone alive - although some of the forms happiness takes seem pretty bizarre to the rest of us on occasion. Everyone is entitled to their own share of happiness, as long as it doesn't take away from the rights of the rest of the community - either individually, or at large. Pursue happiness, it is a good thing, but remember to leave room for the rest of the world to achieve their happiness as well.

Now, suppose you came up behind an attractively shaped person, and the back of their shirt read "WHAT YOU REALLY WANT." You'd probably be intrigued, and wondering what they look like from the front, right? Or, maybe you saw an attractive face go by, and when you turned to watch them pass, that was the message you got. What would you do? How would you know whether it was true or not unless you pursued the dream? Now the message is a call to action, isn't it?

So, does this shirt say one thing or three?

As always, comments are always welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

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