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We've all heard the expression "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." If you always keep trying until you do succeed, you will never fail - but only if you keep trying! As soon as you give up and stop trying, however, your failure is assured. There's a difference between a setback and failure: A setback is a temporary condition, something that can be overcome through more effort. A failure, on the other hand, is a permanent condition, a resignation, a concession that further effort would be pointless. Quite often, the difference between a setback and a failure is nothing more than attitude - something the affected individual chooses.

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In theory, it's possible to never fail: All you have to do is keep trying every time you encounter some sort of difficulty until the obstacle has been overcome. Theory is fine, except that we are all human, and there are more things to take into account in our everyday life than just theory: how much energy we have to put into a project, the opinions of people that are important to us, the size of the monster we're trying to tackle, and many other factors. Every time you encounter a setback, you have to decide for yourself: Is this something that's important enough for me to make the effort to try again, or is a failure acceptable in this instance? There are times when we have to say "This isn't worth the effort" and accept the fact we didn't get what we started out for: In order to have the resources available to take care of the things that are important, the less pressing problems have to be allowed to come out as they may.

It's necessary to be able to decide for yourself what is really important, and what can be left aside if it doesn't work out. Otherwise, you may win all of your battles, but lose the war because you didn't fight the significant ones. To be truly successful, to effectively never fail, you have to know what will make a difference in your life. Then, if you suffer a setback on one of those important positions, you will know you have to try again, and keep trying, until you've turned the possible defeat into another success.

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