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No matter what you do in life, if you want to get somewhere, you have to pick a target to aim at. Otherwise, you will find yourself going in circles when a straight line is what you needed.

You have to know where you're going if you want to get there. Look at the choices before you, and pick one of them as your target. Plot your course like an arrow aimed at that target, and follow the path to reach it.

back button Back: KEEP YOUR AIM

Once you have picked your target, you must keep it at the center of your aim if you want to hit it. Like an archer shooting in the wind, you may have to make a couple of attempts to get there, and compensate for the wind or other factors working from outside your path. The only way you will hit the target you've chosen, however, is by keeping your aim pointed toward it, until the goal is achieved.

Pick a target. Know what you're aiming toward. Then, keep your aim on your chosen target, until you hit it.

As always, comments are always welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

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