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This message on this shirt was inspired, in part, by Jim Dumoulin's signature line. Jim is one of the developers of the public domain newsreader WinVN, written by NASA employees in their spare time (and a fine product indeed, I might add...)

Although it's not something one can easily see from their own perspective on the Earth's surface, we do actually live on a small planet. The resources are limited, and the growing population is already putting a heavy strain on them in many places. This will not get better as long as we are solely dependent on what we have available here at home. Humanity has been growing at such a rate that, if we don't either stop the growth, or tap greater resources, there will be widespread shortages of such simple necessities as food, air, and water. Most people want this year to be better than last year, next year to be better than this year, and so forth. In order for that to happen, we have to grow - which means we need resources that are not presently available - because they don't exist here on Earth.

Opponents of space exploration often state that we should solve our problems at home before we try going into space. That is not possible: We don't have the resources necessary here on Earth to solve the world's problems. Besides, many of the innovations that dramatically improve our general condition were invented as a result of solving a problem encountered at a frontier - and that trend will continue - but only if we have a frontier to explore and adapt to. Humanity needs a frontier to survive, not only for the technological advances it will bring, but because our spirit needs to have a place to escape to when the conditions at home seem too hard to bear.


A great deal of progress has been made toward developing the next frontier that space represents. Humans have traveled to another planet, we have sent probes beyond the limits of the known parts of the Solar System, and satellites provide us with information, entertainment and communications in our everyday lives.

However, in spite of the progress we've seen, there is still a long way to go before space is a frontier and the set of resources that it could be. In leaving the task of developing space programs to the world's governments, the public has missed some great opportunities. When Sputnik was launched in 1957, the science fiction community was predicting routine travel to the Moon and colonies on Mars by the end of the century. That could have been possible - except that we stopped going once a handful of men had walked on the Moon.

If Henry Ford had waited for government grants, subsidies and contracts the way the aerospace industry is today, we'd be walking through rivers of horse manure in our cities, rather than being able to drive across continents in a week or less. The automobile industry was built by private investors who recognized a need, and built a product to meet it. That same initiative is going to be necessary if the general public is to ever have a chance to get into space. Now is the time for private industry to wake up and say "Look, guys, this is the way you do it" - and to build a space program based on profits, not government handouts.

Building such a profit-based space program is the primary objective of the L5 Development Group, Inc. One of the results that building a profitable space program will bring is it will CREATE JOBS. There will be lots of jobs in "traditional" industries - such as construction, hotels, and manufacturing - but also ones that have never been seen before - such as on-orbit satellite repair technician. If you want to know more, or be part of the effort, be sure to visit the L5 Development Group site.

Part of the price of this shirt (US$ 10.00) goes directly to funding the L5 Development space program. We are also offering additional quantity discounts to individuals or businesses that would like to help sell these shirts, to provide more revenue for L5 Development. (Please note that the minimum order to qualify for the discount price is 5 shirts.) In any case, your purchase will help support privately funded space exploration and development.

As always, comments are always welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

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