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Nomad. Vagabond. Wanderer. A person with restless feet, always seeking another new horizon to watch the start of a fresh day, perhaps even never wishing to stay twice in the same bed. For many people, that lifestyle represents a danger to their world, where stability and the status quo are of paramount importance.

Then there are those like me.

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In recent years, I've found myself staying longer after each move. It's not that I've lost the desire to keep traveling, or that I've found the place I want to be. It's just I've come to have more to carry, and I've grown more dependent on the fixed parts of the communities I live in (such as telephone, electric, and water connections). I rest in the town where I maintain a residence, but I'm not a citizen there: If, and when, the conditions are sufficiently right or wrong, I will pack up again, and move once more.

So, where is it you're going when you follow a nomad home? It's going to be a rather long journey, isn't it? Will you know when you get there? Will they know when they get there?

I know where I want to go, but there aren't any bridges crossing the quarter of a million miles or so I need to traverse to get there. Until I'm able to make that journey, a nomad I will remain. (Click here for details of that quest.)

As always, comments are always welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

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