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In today's video-oriented world, it seems as though reading is quickly becoming a lost art: How many people have you heard say they'll wait for a story to come out on video, rather than going to the library to read it? Admittedly, reading can take more time than simply watching a movie, but the process of reading a story makes you think more about what's going on, and you create your own image of the characters and backgrounds to match your own experience or expectations. It's more work, but it is also a lot more intellectually stimulating.

Having strong reading skills can be a significant advantage when you start dealing with "the System" because much of the power beaureaucrats have over their "subjects" is the people before them don't know the procedures, or what the rules are supposed to be. By taking the time, and knowing how, to read the fine print, or the informational pamphlets, or a multitude of other resources, the public is empowered to get what they rightfully deserve, and not unnecessarily surrender their rights in the process.

Contracts are another place where reading is absolutely necessary: Don't ever sign anything without either reading it through very carefully, or knowing what it says from having read it before. Far too often people end up saying "I didn't know I was agreeing to that" because they didn't read the fine print before they signed on the dotted line.

READ EVERYTHING! You'd be surprised to find what you will learn in the process.

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Every author that has ever published a written work had one basic goal in mind when they started writing: They wanted to share something with other people in the world. Every time you read something new, you're getting a different perspective on some phase of existence or another. Reading is a tool that lets you explore beyond your horizons and into the past or future at will, through the eyes of the writer. Whether it's a fictional account, a hard-earned tale, or a dry technical text, the intent is still the same: You, the reader, are getting a new view, courtesy of the writer. Every time that happens, your mind expands, leaving room for more insights of your own. By expanding your mind through reading, you become better equipped to deal with a wider range of experience, leaving you with a greater chance of being able to handle any situation you find yourself in.

Read everything you can. When you do, you will expand your mind in the process, which cannot be a bad thing!

As always, comments are always welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

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