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front button Front: THEY, THEM, IF?

There are many people working toward realizing the dream of making frequent, even scheduled, space travel widely available to the general population. I'm sure there are more working toward the dream of humans living "in space" - whether on another planet, or in free-floating colonies built beyond the gravitational restrictions of a planetary surface. These are all good people, doing lots of essential preparatory work so that the dreams can eventually come to fruition. I commend them (you), one and all, wish you the best of luck, and hope that you get your job done in a timely manner. There's one essential ingredient missing: the right perspective on the problem.

Listen to the conversations space advocates have with those they would like to convert. Read the descriptions of the plans being made; look at the timelines used to project when the vision might solidify into tangible assets. What you will find is "discussions in the third person" and "possibilities:" "If people go to space, this is what they will do, and we'll be able to watch them while they do it." As I said, it's all well and good that these people are building the foundation they are upon which their dreams could be built. However, it's obvious that none of these people will ever go to space!

back button Back: I, WE, WHEN!

I use a different perspective to look at the situation and make my plans: I speak in the first person and use concrete terms: "When I go to space, this is what we will do when we get there." I may not have nailed my timeline down to a specific set of dates as yet because I haven't finished enough of my own groundwork, but the difference in attitude is essential: Without the desire to go there myself, and be one of the space colonists that opens the next frontier for any who might choose to follow, I would have no hope of ever getting there, either.

I am going to live in space. I expect to raise my family there. I'm not working toward making it possible for some undefined future generation to bring my dream to reality: When it happens, it will be because I put myself in the picture, rather than an anonymous "space colonist's" face.

Attitude is everything. Without the right attitude, you will never be part of the picture you're trying to paint.

As always, comments are always welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

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