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There are, and have been for years, lots of people talking about what life will be like when humanity gets out into space, to set up colonies on other worlds. Very few people who have talked, or are talking, about the effort have any idea of who the colonists actually will be: "They" are a safely nameless group who inhabits the mysterious "future" where all of these wonderous events will take place. If you've never met a space colonist, you can easily talk about what their life will be like, because there's no one to dispute your opinion.

Guess what? That doesn't work any more: When you meet me, a "space colonist" is no longer an anonymous, faceless creature that lives somewhere in the unreachable distance: I am one of the people that will live in the first colonies humanity builds off the Earth. I am going to raise my children in space, and plan to live a long and fruitful life there.

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In many old movies about the struggling times of America's Great Depression, it wasn't unusual to see a family with all of their possessions loaded into a lumbering, decrepit truck, headed off into some unknown distance in search of a new beginning. They'd paint their destination on the side of the vehicle, scrawled in a hasty reminder to themselves, and a message to the world, of what course they'd chosen. "California or bust" (or "Florida," "New York," or whatever) - their path was there for all to see: They'd either get there, or they would lose everything in the attempt.

That same level of determination is what's going to be required of today's prospective frontiersmen - the people who would colonize space, if it were accessible to them. There are many obstacles in the way, some of which will be insurmountable to anyone with less than a total committment to their goal. The attitude is as necessary as the financing, the technology, and getting the governments out of the way. Without a "do, or die trying" mind-set, it just isn't going to happen.

I've gotten myself into the state of mind I need to realize my goals, and I'm telling the world about it: "Space Colonist. L-5, or bust." Those who would join me will be proud to wear their colors.

As always, comments are always welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

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