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An old adage tells us "You reap what you sow." It comes from understanding that oak trees don't grow from kernels of corn just as corn plants don't grow from acorns. Such sage advice is "common sense" to most of us, things we'd expect everyone to know.

Finding the more subtle meaning of the expression seems somehow to escape the level of common sense recognition it should, even though the results are just as much right before our eyes. For some, realizing that it also tells us that accomplishment of ambitious goals will take more than sitting with dreams in our eyes never seems to happen. It's relatively easy to come up with good ideas. Transforming those ideas into something tangible, however, takes real work: You have to plant the idea into a plan of action in order for it to grow into reality.

A plan of action is the magic behind the growth that takes ideas from the realm of dreams to the world of reality. The genetic codes in a seed work using the nutrients and water in the air and soil to combine them with the energy of sunlight to grow a healthy plant. In the same way, a plan of action provides the direction required to materialize an idea.

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Ideas are wonderful things, which is part of the reason the world seems so full of them. Like the seeds in a field of corn, however, most ideas become nothing more than fodder that sustains the growth of something else, brain food consumed in the normal course of existence while searching for fulfillment.

From a single kernel of corn, you can grow a field full of grain, simply by planting the kernels produced by the first plant back into the ground for the next growing season: Use the fruits of the harvest to grow more of the same. Following the same sort of plan, an idea - planted into a plan of action - can be grown into a fortune simply by reinvesting the results of the initial plan into repeated cycles of the same plan. The initial geometric expansion will seem like an explosion as the return on the investment rapidly increases. Such growth cannot be supported indefinitely, because some resource or another will ultimately be exhausted. Long before that happens, however, planting a bright idea into a suitable plan of action will reap a fortune for the "farmer" who had the insight to put the "seed" into the "ground."

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