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If you listen to a beer commercial, they will pose the question "Why ask why?" Well, here's a reason - because it's often the one question there isn't a good answer for. You will get an amazing array of excuses and explanations when you ask just about anything else. "Why?" on the other hand, is usually the one question that authority figures do not have an answer for - and it should have been the first one asked before a course of action is undertaken. Unless there's a good (i.e., valid, logical and applicable) reason why you're being told to do or not do something, you are being imposed upon only "because I told you so" - which means there's no justice to be had.

Is that any way to live?

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Somehow, it seems that injustice is bound to be part of the human condition, no matter what we try to do about it. Is that any excuse for just blindly turning away, and not even making the attempt to change the world? No, it isn't! It's the responsibility of everyone alive to make an attempt to improve their own living situation.

Ask "why?" Make the authority figures in your life - whether they are your parents, teachers, friends and neighbors, or the government - realize that you know what justice is - and what it isn't - and that you want to see the world changed. It won't happen unless you make a disturbance, even if it's nothing more than asking a question consisting solely of a three-letter word.

Ask "WHY?" Rattle the cage. Wake the world up so they see where the injustice really happens.

As always, comments are always welcome. We appreciate your feedback.

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