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Somebody told me they saw this on a bumper sticker on some redneck's pickup truck. Maybe I'm a bit of a redneck myself, but I have to agree with the spirit of the message.

The grand state of Texas has a lot of history where fighting with the Mexican government makes a big part of the story. The battle at Alamo is one of those that the citizens of Texas feel is important: Although the Mexican army won that particular battle - indeed, all of the defenders were killed - its story became such a powerful spark that it ignited the rest of the state to repel the intruders. As has often happened in our past, the individual battles between governments, and between the governments and the citizens they would rule, often prove to be minor events in the longer sequence of history.

back button Back: DON'T FORGET WACO

More than a hundred years after the Mexicans overcame the forces at Alamo, the United States government was in battle in Texas - with a religious cult holed up in their encampment in Waco. Before the tale was done, the stronghold had been burned to the ground, and nearly all of its occupants killed. What really happened there? The U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Federal Bureau of Investigation - the ATF and the FBI, the agencies that staged the raid, seige, and attack - are probably not reliable sources of information: Too many careers could be destroyed by any revelation of wrong-doing. Unfortunately, there is little else to go on - and speculation will never reveal the truth. We may never know whether the fire that finally destroyed the compound came from within - as the ATF and FBI would like us to believe - or from the outside, as rumor has it. To read what is known about the Branch Davidians and their doom, click here for an essay on the subject.

There's a larger question here that should be addressed, however: What business did the ATF and FBI have in holding the Branch Davidians largely incommunicado for months before the facility was destroyed? Should there not have been an outside agency watching over the operation, to insure that gross injustice would not be effected on the inhabitants? Where does the American government get the right to wage war against its citizens without due process, or even without a trial?

If this were the only event in the history of the ATF and FBI where gross misconduct may have occurred, there would be strong reason for dismissing the rumors as anti-government propoganda. However, these agencies have repeatedly abused their authority, and will undoubtedly do so in the future. As long as such rabid agencies are given free run of the land, no American is safe in their home or on the streets.

Remember the Alamo. It was an important part of history. Don't forget Waco. It could be part of your future.

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