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front button Front: LIFE CAN BE EXCITING

I'm sure there are people who wish for it, but I can't imagine wanting a life without excitement. The feeling of excitement comes from proximity to danger, and that proximity sets the heart racing and heightens the awareness of one's senses. In that momentary rush, you feel more alive than you've felt for days, and the residual energy it leaves behind after the experience passes can carry you for a long time afterward.

Excitement tends to upset the normal daily routine. That makes it more difficult to have a predictable course of events to follow, and I suppose that's what makes some people wish they didn't have any excitement in their lives. It's not something I strive for, however.

back button Back: IT STARTS WITH A FLASH

It only takes a moment. If you're not looking the right way when it happens, it goes by without you. You turn your head away for a moment, someone walks by in the intervening space, or you look down at the food on your plate for an instant, and the opportunity slips past. So many times that happens...

Then there are the few times when everything works. It's not a blinding burst of light that would draw the attention of everyone around. There's simply a momentary view which would normally be impossible, that reveals more than you could have hoped for. Did the other person suffer any loss because of it? Probably not. Was it intentional? Maybe. Was the sight enjoyable, worth the time and effort to see it, and the frustration of all the missed chances that went before it? Sure!

Where does it lead? Each one is an adventure in itself. You have to play it as it happens. That's where a lot of the excitement comes from...

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