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July 20, 1997 - the twenty-seventh anniversary of mankind's first landing on another planetary body - happened to fall on a Saturday night. Since I get the new shirt for the week made for Saturday night, what would be more appropriate than a reminder of that historic event? Sure, the twenty-seventh anniversary is a rather odd number, but it fit the plan. Besides, what better time is there to remember historic moments than odd times? They are certainly as good as any others, and can be a particularly useful source of inspiration at such moments.


You may ask "how can we not remember the Moon?" It's visible in the sky any day (or night) clouds aren't obscuring the view. It's not just the Moon to remember, though, but the men who first walked there - and the legions who made it possible for them to do so. Events of such historic significance are rare in humanity's past, and probably won't be terribly common in its future. How often does the sphere of our influence expand in such a quantum leap? The men who were chosen to first walk on the Moon are as much heroes as any who have done great deeds in battle - and probably even more: They went in peace, to represent all of mankind. Those first few steps lead down a path on a journey mankind must follow if we are to grow out into the rest of the universe.

Remember the Moon - and the men who first walked there: Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, and their orbiting comrade, Michael Collins.

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