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There are many, many styles and tempos of dancing, probably as many as there are different forms of music. Each has its purpose and place, whether its the slow waltz of a formal ball, the light step of a ballerina conveying the flight of a bird, the frothing intensity of a war dance performed to jungle drum rhythms, or the stumbling clutch of young lovers crooned by a ballad on a darkened dance floor.

Many of the modern styles of music and dance - rock'n'roll, techno, trance, industrial, disco, punk - can trace some of their roots back to the jungle beats, where a driving intensity was often necessary to inspire the stirring savages to hunt or to war. Hopefully the purpose is less brutal in today's dancing, with the primary intent being that of getting a good workout.

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Dancing hard, especially for extended periods of time, requires a strong physique that cannot be feigned for long. It's a lot like running, only better, if you ask me. Although dancing doesn't give you the same opportunity to watch the countryside go by, it also doesn't leave you stranded miles from home when you suddenly discover that you really need a drink. With the rise and fall of rolling hills, running can give you a varied stress level that leaves your system adaptable to a broad range of conditions. The varying beat in any dance club will do the same, though. It also doesn't relent when you're starting to feel a bit winded, and thinking it might be time to slow down a little.

Your body needs the push of exercise beyond your normal routine to keep its capabilities beyond your regular requirements. That way, you start each day with a lot of extra energy. As you grow tired over the course of the daily schedule, your reserves are called upon to support your efforts. Unless you exercise regularly, to rebuild those reserves, the energy your body can store starts to dwindle, and you grow more tired with each passing day, week and year.

Dance hard. Get out and do some really strenuous areobics, and get the blood flowing swiftly through your veins. Stay young, wash away the accumulation of waste in your body, from the inside out. You'll feel better for it, and your outlook on the world will improve. Problems always seem smaller when you have more energy to deal with them, and days last longer when you don't get tired halfway through them. Staying healthy gives you more time, and what advantage does youth have, other than more time?

Dance hard. Stay young. It works for me!

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