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No matter what you do in life, if you want to succeed, the first thing you have to do is believe that you can reach the goals you set for yourself. You have to believe in yourself, and your abilities, or you will never make it off the starting block. Believe in yourself. It's as necessary a part of life as breathing and eating. Once you believe in yourself, it will be a lot easier to convince other people that they should believe in you as well.

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Spock's Vulcan salute, "Live long and prosper," has always been a thoughtful wish for parting ways, since it first was heard on Star Trek. Like all wishes, though, it's not something that will necessarily come true, unless you make it happen.

What's the first thing you have to do if you want to live long and prosper? You must believe in yourself! While believing in yourself, and your abilities, will not guarantee your success, the opposite cannot be avoided: If you don't believe in yourself, you will neither live long, nor prosper.

Believe in yourself. Only then will it be possible to Live Long and Prosper...

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