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Honesty is the best policy. If you are honest with yourself and in your dealings with the world around you, you never have to worry about getting caught in a lie - with an uncomfortable explanation as the least dangerous consequence as a result, and the potential of truly dire repercussions in other cases.

It often seems that much of the world doesn't choose honesty as a necessary maxim for trade or communication. Because of that, there are times when oxymoronic expressions like "too honest for your own good" seem to be valid. The only times such self-contradicting terms can appear to carry a weight of authority is when you are dealing with individuals or institutions whose criminal intent would attempt to use your honesty against you. When you find yourself faced with circumstances like that, looking deeper into their motivations and premises to find what they are hiding is a better plan than taking the "easy" course of telling a lie.

If you tell the truth, reality will back you up, and you will never have to worry about whether you're caught by a lie.

back button Back: DON'T APOLGIZE

There are occasions where conveying bad news does call for a prefix of "I'm sorry, but ..." For example, if you found yourself in the regrettable position of having to bring news of a death, your apology would reflect that you did not want to be the one bearing the news, and that you share the feeling of loss if it's true.

However, most of the time there really isn't any need for apology when you tell the truth. It may seem that you're concerned about a person's feelings by preceding the unpleasant news with "I'm sorry, but ..." Part of the truth, however, is either you have some motivation that prevents you from changing your mind, or reality is what it is. Neither of these conditions necessitate an apology. Indeed, if the news you're about to convey is a decision you've made or chosen to accept, an apology would in itself be fraud: In that case, you would not be sorry and saying you were would be a lie.

Be honest. Tell the truth. Don't apolgize. Most of the time, there's no need for it.

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